Coaching demos

We have heard many times from many coaches that it is hard to find demonstrations of coaching. So, we are providing some. These demos will show you different approaches to different topics and different clients as well as a series of coaching sessions with one client to see how those sessions hang together.

For all of our videos, go to our YouTube channel, but here are some special ones below.

Lori coaching Silas

This is a series of real coaching sessions with the same client over a period of months. We offer these so coaches can see coaching skills in action. You can see how a master coach deepens learning in each session and strings together learning over the series of sessions.

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Live demo of Traffic Light Tool

During WBECS pre-summit, summer of 2020, our Training Director, Lori Shook, presented our new Traffic Light Tool, with a follow-up, live demonstration with a participant, using this tool to create real change for this coachee.

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