We have a few models that we use throughout our programmes. As you review these models, you will get a sense of the content that we provide for our leaders, teams and participants. In our programmes, we bring these to life through experiential learning.

ABC of mindfulness model

The ABC of mindfulness is a tool to use at any time to keep yourself grounded and calm. It can be used to gain control of emotional reactions and put your PFC back in charge.

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COIN model

Effective feedback will motivate your team to achieve results by increasing their ability, encouraging their effort and celebrating their results.

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The GROW model

The GROW model, originally conceived by Graham Alexander and popularised by Sir John Whitmore, is possibly the most well-known model for coaching. The model is quite flexible and can be used in many situations.

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Toxins and antidotes model

Let’s look more closely at four specific toxic behaviours or ‘team toxins’ that often occur in teams or groups. These four behaviours are so damaging to relationships that research conducted by Dr John Gottman (relationship expert and best-selling author) indicates that they can be physically toxic.

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