Leadership And Management Development

Rewired to Lead provides leaders with the mindset and skills they need to thrive in our dynamic, challenging and ever-changing world of work.

The programme takes leaders on a journey of personal development, where they will learn to fully utilise their best human capabilities as they step into fully committed leadership.

Based in neuroscience, this programme enables participants to learn about and develop their own emotional intelligence, equipping them to:

  • understand the impact they currently have and create the impact they want
  • understand their internal assumptions and how these drive their views and behaviours
  • be more inclusive
  • work with and improve team dynamics
  • handle difficult, emotional situations
  • give effective, constructive feedback
  • recognise and address toxic behaviours and communication styles
  • develop others using a combination of coaching skills, compassion and accountability
  • create a learning culture that accepts failure and promotes innovation
  • build trust within the organisation and create a more positive working environment
  • manage change

Our Rewired to Lead programme encourages a commitment to self-awareness and self-development.

This programme is not simply about acquiring some skills to use in an attempt to control people; it’s about learning to become a leader who will inspire others and take responsibility for creating a great place to work.

The programme is comprised of a set of experiential modules, based on the latest thinking in neuroscience and systemic leadership.

The implementation of the programme is optimised for how the brain learns best with small bite-sized learning modules, practices to aid in the application of concepts, time to reflect and adapt, social learning for sharing ideas for applications across an organisation and support from a learning specialist.

As your leaders learn to embrace the complexity and possibility inherent in human nature, they will learn to develop more collaborative and innovative cultures where people thrive and grow.

Who is this for?

Rewired to Lead can stand alone or be part of a larger culture change initiative. The programme is modular and can be delivered in a format that fits your organisation’s needs. The learners can be supported by our coaches and trainers or we can train your in-house training specialists to hold this role.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you develop your leaders for the current times.

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