Emotional Intelligence Training In The Workplace

A unique programme built for the modern learner

Rewired to Relate goes straight to the heart of the matter: it reveals how the emotional brain drives most of our behaviour according to its needs and whims.

In this programme, participants learn to manage these impulses and to choose the impact they want to have on others. They will learn:

  • what motivates and demotivates them
  • to keep their brains calm, cool and collected
  • to work better with others
  • to build their resilience and brain capacity
  • to support their brains so they can be their best selves

The result? Improving one’s ability to co-create, manage differences and be inclusive. Better interpersonal skills drive up collaboration, allowing teams to thrive and produce great results together.

The learning journey is comprehensive and modern

This hybrid-learning programme is designed with the brain in mind. It uses the best of what we know about how people learn:

  • Content is delivered in bite-sized chunks, online and at the learner’s convenience.
  • Longer reads and downloadable content supports those who want to dive deeper into concepts.
  • Reflection questions help people connect the concepts with their own experiences.
  • Real learning and behaviour change happen through exercises and real-world application.
  • Webinars with the course designer provide individual support and deepen the learning.
  • Weekly small-group conversations deepen the learning and share best practices with colleagues.

Who is this for?

Rewired to Relate is recommended for all members of an organisation and is the starting point for any of the Rewired programmes. It provides the foundational understanding on which all other Rewired programmes are built.

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This programme is also delivered as an open course:

Rewired to Relate is delivered in a modern, hybrid learning programme over 6 weeks, with online content, reflections and exercises, working in smaller groups and supported by facilitators.

Rewired to Relate. Brain training for working well with others.

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