Mending the Nets

When the sea was too rough and local fishermen couldn’t navigate stormy waters, they would stay safe and stay onshore until the storm passed. But instead of lamenting the time away from catching fish, they spent their time doing the things they couldn’t do on a regular basis: for example, mending their nets.

I often think of this phrase when a meeting or programme cancels at the last minute. Sure, it may be disappointing to have a cancellation but there are usually so many things to catch up on – what a gift an extra hour or ½ day can be: time to organise, to write, to connect with others. We might feel guilty about taking advantage of this unexpected time, but we could also consider it a gift. Instead of letting the to-do list fill up that space, it’s possible to treat is as a special time, take a step back, look at the bigger picture of your work or life and tweak the things that may need updating or recharging.

What are the nets you need to mend?


  • Getting organised
  • Updating processes that haven’t been working well
  • Developing new processes that create better habits
  • Strengthening business relationships
  • Maybe tackle one unpleasant chore that sticks on your to-do list and relish its completion

What about these?

  • Getting a bit of extra rest
  • Listening to your inner conversations that drive you regularly – and consider mending those too
  • Breathing fresh air
  • Attending to minor health issues
  • Taking some moments to appreciate what you have
  • Reaching out to old friends – making that overdue phone call

Most of us probably need a few more hours or even days for mending our nets. But these unexpected times could be special. Consider giving yourself permission to step out of the busyness and care for the little but important things that are falling by the wayside.

Here are some other blog posts that offer other insights for how to nourish yourself when you find an extra hour here or there.

What are you thinking?

Take some time to listen to your inner voices. Just listening to them does not make them more powerful – quite the opposite, it can take their negative power away.

A call for compassion

Let go of judgement of yourself and what you have or have not accomplished during the last year. Don’t judge yourself for adding a few pounds or for being less productive than you could have been in the last year.

We all need a break

Even if we cannot or will not fly off to foreign shores, we all need a break from the everyday repetitive cycles of our lives.