Trust the process

3 months ago, I wrote about learning to speak Norwegian and how I noticed an internal belief that I cannot learn a new language.

I notice my “I can’t” message show up now and again but I’m also experiencing that it’s not true (at least not 100%!). I’m learning. Slowly but surely. I’m having some conversations in Norwegian with a few friends which is fun and energising. I don’t know how hard they work to make it simple for me, but we talk about everyday things, and they feel like normal, friendly topics. I’m learning to ask about the words and expressions I don’t recognise and work on simply embracing feedback about mistakes without drama. I also notice my own mistakes and just let them go. “Just speak!” my teachers say. Don’t worry about the errors right now. So, I ignore my inner perfectionist and keep going.

All of this is to say that it really works to Trust the Process.

There’s a natural human process to learning – the brain really knows how to learn. And trusting the process works. And it takes time.

In a world where things happen so quickly, we often expect quick results and quick progress. But we won’t always get quick results.

We need to lean into patience and process. Whether that’s for learning a language, finding a new job, working towards a promotion, getting a degree, or developing a relationship.

Celebrating small wins also helps!

Coaches Going Corporate

Coaches Going Corporate

Coaching is also a process that takes time. In Coaches Going Corporate we take the time to focus on one concept at a time to deepen understanding and build mastery.

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