Happy New Year!

We at shooksvensen wish you a healthy, positive year full of contentment and peace.

As the new year gets started many people start anew with health, eating, exercise and other regimens – both personal and business related. It is no coincidence that January secures 50% of the annual income for most health clubs!

Some people set aspirational goals for the year, some set intentions which are less about doing but more about attitude and ways of being. And of course, some people ignore this whole idea completely.

What would serve you? Whether you have or haven’t set some kind of goals or intentions for the year, you might still consider what would work best for you.

There is no one right way

Some of us need strong goals or resolutions that create clear boundaries which we might otherwise ignore, thus the Veganuary and Dry January movements.

Intentions are more about attitudes rather than things we need to do or not do. One might set an intention of being more grateful or less demanding for the year.

There are infinite ways to set yourself up for the year.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Given that life is unpredictable – consider the surprising onslaught of omicron in the past couple of months – we just don’t know what will happen. If we set a specific goal that is based on certain circumstances, that might set you up for failure? Try setting goals that are not based on world circumstances but are completely within your control.
  • What feels friendly and doable to you?  Do you rail against specific goals?  Then you might try intentions instead.
  • Break larger goals down into smaller chunks so you can easily see achievements. Celebrating the smaller milestones can be very motivational.
  • Don’t be so demanding. Life is difficult right now. Adding your own whips and demands might just create more stress.
  • If you have struggled in the last couple of years, consider setting a goal of putting your well-being as a top priority – in a way that you can manage (i.e., don’t let that be another stressor).
  • Make your goals or intentions real. If you mean it, then create some way to have accountability – a way to check in with yourself. If you aren’t willing to do that, consider letting go of the goal completely.
  • Leverage your social brain and set goals with others
  • Consider spending time examining your thoughts and feelings to see what is really driving you, lest you let your emotional brain unconsciously make too many of your decisions.
  • Be flexible – remember achieving goals can be like following a road map, review and adapt if a better ‘route’ reveals itself for your desired destination.

Whatever you decide, we hope you find a way to build a successful 2022.

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