Great meetings make great teams

Normally we probably think the other way around: that great teams create great meetings. But what if you saw the quality of your meetings as an indicator of your team performance? How would you rate your team?

Consider this – a great meeting happens when there is:

  • A clear vision – what are we up to right now?   – you always have an agreed upon and clearly communicated PURPOSE of the meeting.
  • Clear communication – concise presentation of issues and clear requests for support.
  • A positive, motivating atmosphere.
  • Respect for other members.
  • Clear roles and responsibilities – for who will do what, when and why.
  • The discipline to be timely – be prepared and use only your allotted time to speak and respect others’ time.
  • Listening to each other.
  • Offering support where needed.
  • Allowing time for well-being so people have time to think and act intentionally (i.e. stop meetings early rather than late).

Doesn’t that also sound a lot like the description of great teamwork?

Consider improving your meetings -by ensuring all the above points are met- as a way to work on your team performance.

Because great meetings might just make a team great.

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