CGC7: Beliefs and emotional addictions

Beliefs underlie all of our choices and actions. So much of what we deal with is not about reality but about the client’s belief, view, or perception of reality. Getting into the land of beliefs is a powerful coaching approach. As a coach, it’s important to know how to get there and how to help a client acknowledge their beliefs and then aim to change them.

Emotional Addictions is the expression we use for the emotional response habits that we have. Some people habitually respond with drama, with anger, with a victim mentality or some other emotional state. These states become embedded, normalised habits. We can help clients recognise any habits or emotional addictions they have.

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  • What strong beliefs or emotional habits do you have? How do they impact your choices?
  • Consider a client you have worked with who had a difficult time making a change. What emotional habits might have gotten in the way of that change?
  • Focus on noticing your clients’ beliefs and emotional addictions this week and more importantly, help them become aware of their beliefs and emotional habits or addictions.

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