Are you living life the way you want now, today?

It’s so easy to live “in the future”. For example, you might say to yourself: My life will really begin when I have more income, when I have my own house, when I have more clients or when I’m in a relationship.

But life is happening now, while we think those things. And if we don’t pay attention, it might just pass us by.

Many spiritual practices talk about living in the moment, but we don’t have to be a philosopher or belong to a religion to practice this concept.

You might be working towards a goal where you make more money, buy a house, increase your business, get to a certain position in your company or be in a relationship.

Of course, we have goals and aspirations. But it doesn’t mean that life begins when those things happen. Many of us are just rushing to the next thing, the next objective or the next step of the plan. And we often spend our time thinking about the past – regretting it perhaps or wishing today was like a time in the past. Meanwhile, life is happening now.

I have to remind myself of this all the time. THIS is life. NOW. As I get settled in, as I learn a new language, I am living life along the way. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

How about you?

  • How are you living your life now, even as you work towards the future?
  • How do you talk to yourself about your capabilities?
  • Are your daily experiences adding up to a life you want to live?
  • How conscious are you about how you spend your time?

If you pay more attention to the now, you are more likely to feel engaged in your life. Being here now, helps you reduce stress that comes from worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. It also gives you an opportunity to be grateful for what you have now rather than what you want to have in the future (focusing on wanting reminds you about what you lack now).

Being in the now and practising gratitude is good for our brain and your mental health.

“Recognise the fact that the past is past, and that soon you won’t have any future left – so you really might as well be here. It’s not so bad. Often enough, it’s wonderful. And in any case, there’s nowhere else to be.”   Oliver Burkeman, The Guardian

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