Alchemy – the Art and Science of Co-facilitation

What is Alchemy?

Have you ever left a workshop feeling inspired, ready and able to implement what you learned?  Alchemy is about creating that kind of impact through co-facilitation and an experiential learning approach.

Magical co-facilitation, inspired participants, deep learning – these things don’t just happen.  You can learn the tools and techniques that help you and your partner to consistently and intentionally create successful, transformative, high-impact learning experiences together – whether you are coaching, training or engaging in another type of facilitation.

Catch the replay! If you’ve ever wondered about what happens behind the scenes to co-create magical facilitation (and co-coaching), Lori Shook and Judy van Zon, MSc 
shared a few secrets in the JUne 2022 edition of the #NextGreatChapter.

The replay can be found on the CRRGlobal USA’s website.

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Who is this course for?

Coaches, facilitators, team leaders and business owners who want to create and deliver seamlessly and in-sync with others.

What do you get from Alchemy?


  • Learn to shift your attention from yourselves as individuals, to the power of your relationship.
  • Learn the strengths and edges of who you are in partnership.
  • Naturally deepen your connection and range as you lean into your relationship.
  • Learn how to create more safety, trust and permission so your relationship can really fly.
  • Walk away with tools to support and create a wise, dynamic partnership that is bold, resilient and committed to delivering value to the client.

What to expect

Apply adult learning theory and neuroscience

  • Ensure the learning sticks by setting participants up for success
  • Point participants’ attention to what you want them to learn
  • Have fluid, meaningful debriefs that cement this new learning
  • Give generous and incisive feedback

Have easy command instead of a regimented power and control style of teaching

  • Shift from focusing on your agenda to focusing on what your learners need
  • Trust yourself so you can tear up your script and respond to what’s needed in the moment
  • Create more of your intended learning by working with what’s in the room

Lisa Moraeus and Therese Hagstedt recommend Alchemy and blogged about it (in Swedish and English):
Alchemy – the power of leading together

Katelijne Vercaeren enjoyed Alchemy and wrote an article about how to use what she learned:
“Relationship matters… from the Boardroom to Disneyland”.

Janet Frood and Kat Hay were so happy with the course that they created this short video for you to enjoy. 

More quotes from happy participants:

We also deliver the Alchemy programme in-house.

It is a great opportunity for your people to learn how to co-facilitate meetings or training, or how to collaborate even better.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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