Your Inner Board of Directors

I was thrilled to hear that over 11,000 people had signed up to come to a presentation I was doing for WBECS last week. During that session, I did a demonstration of coaching using an approach that I call the Inner Board of Directors.  There was a large amount of interest in this approach so I thought I would share it here so others could also benefit from getting to know their internal Board of Directors.  

Who are they?

Inside our heads, we have many voices that have conversations or even arguments with one another. This is normal. You are not crazy if you are talking to yourself or even arguing with yourself.

It is also normal when different parts of your personality show up at different times in your work and life.

You can think of these voices or different parts of your personality as members of a team, or as I like to call them, your internal Board of Directors. This Board is making decisions and running the show – the show called your life. You, as the CEO of this board, might not be happy with some of the choices you end up making or the way you show up in certain situations. That’s because some of some of your board members are overpowering, some important voices just remain quiet, or there just isn’t any order to how decisions are made.  Imagine the CEO who only listens to the loudest voice – perhaps even a voice that isn’t well thought through. That’s how it often is with our mind.

Naming your Directors

If you want to make better decisions and be happier with your work and life, it is helpful to examine these inner characters. Identify them, get to know them and their personalities along with what is meaningful to them and what they are afraid of.

Then when you are stepping into a new role or you need to make a decision, actually go around your board table and get input from ALL of your board members and as the CEO of them all, you get to choose who you want to listen to.

And, of course, if you are a coach, this is a great activity to do with your clients.

To see  a recording of my WBECs presentation and demo about using a Board of Directors and get to get a description of how to find one’s internal directors, you can access the information here.