Spring reflections

You might feel this year is screaming by or you might experience it as a dreadfully slow procession. Either way, it is still worth a short pause to reflect on your experience.

The Spring Equinox is almost upon us. Days are getting longer, and spring is blossoming, at least here in the UK. Take note in your own area, what are the changes you are witnessing? If you are in the Southern Hemisphere what do you notice about the shortening of the days? Take a moment to just ponder these natural changes around us.

And, what about you?  How are you changing?

How are you doing on your intentions and goals for the year?

What habits have you developed?  Which ones would you love to keep? What needs to change?

As you dream of what your life will be like post COVID, also consider what habits and traits you want to take with you into that new phase. How will you get yourself ready for that?

Preparing to thrive

If we want to thrive in this world, we need to be adaptable and we need to keep learning.

To adapt we need to learn. And to learn, we need to take time out and reflect.

So, over the next week or two, take time to reflect and assess. Here are some other questions to ponder.

  • How resilient am I?  How can I strengthen that?
  • Where do I generally focus my attention – to my faults or my strengths?
  • Where do I put most of my attention, regularly?
  • What habits do I tend to revert to?
  • What do I get joy from?  How sustainable is that? 
  • How can I find more sources of joy and contentment?
  • What do I appreciate in life – from the small things to the colossal?
  • How and what could I appreciate more?

Focusing on positivity helps us generate a positive outlook on life, which leads to contentment and more resilience. Regular check-ins with yourself can be very useful. Reflecting and spending time with positivity      takes practise and a bit of discipline but it is well worth it.

Enjoy your reflective time out!