Dream big! But don’t get attached?

Is it possible? Can you dream big and invest in that dream without getting attached to the outcome?

Can you put energy and effort into something and then just walk away if the dream doesn’t pan out?

Many people do. So, it is possible. But for many others, it’s not easy.

One reason it becomes challenging is because we start to confuse our sense of self or identify with the achievement of the dream: if the dream fails then I am a failure. Which hurts; the disappointment is deep.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

If you want to dream big and not lose yourself in the process, here are some tips:

  • Recognise that you and the dream are separate. You may want to start a business but if it fails, it’s the business that has failed – not you as a person. Maybe it was a brilliant idea but the wrong timing. Maybe the competition was too fierce. Or maybe it wasn’t even your best idea or effort but that still doesn’t mean you are a failure.
  • Remember that many people have failed at several business dreams or ideas, only to create the big one the next time.
  • Learn to endure feelings of failure and learn to deal with disappointment. They are just feelings, and they will pass. You can learn to live through it and even grow and learn from the experience even if it doesn’t feel good.
  • Even while you are putting in immense energy and effort, remember to keep your sanity. Work on your mental wellbeing and fitness so that you have the resilience to let go and move on when it’s time.
  • Following the old adage, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, make sure you have other options or a backup plan beyond the one dream.
  • Keep an open mind as your dream may shift along the way. As you pursue the ideal dream, other paths/opportunities could open up that you might not have considered without the original idea.

Some people don’t dream big because they can’t stand the disappointment of failure. But if we can face a potential failure, then we can dream big. Imagine the multitude of inventions that could have been if people hadn’t been afraid to fail.

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