Dealing with untamed egos in the workplace: develop your leadership skills

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round – we have all heard the old saying! But sometimes you can encounter personality types and attitudes at work that make it difficult to believe. Untamed egos at work can make everyone’s life more difficult, and here we take a look at how to deal with this and how improving leadership skills might help.

Leadership Development

Issues with untamed egos

Untamed egos don’t just cause issues at work – if you know someone with an untamed ego in your personal life, this can be equally damaging. However, in a workplace, a large ego can harm the entire working environment, when employees will overvalue themselves and undervalue other members of their team, and the business itself.

Dismissive attitudes

If an individual does not have control over their ego, you will notice that they always have to be right. Many might be specialists in their own areas, so you may not immediately notice issues with how they respond to challenges. However, ego-driven employees will often rebel against other specialists offering expert advice and will dismiss this out of hand even without real knowledge to back it up. Their own opinion must always come first.

Disagreements and long-term damage

Disagreements are bound to come up in the workplace, but these will need to be thoroughly discussed and resolved quickly – especially if this is due to the ego of one staff member. If you leave things to grow, then this will damage employee relationships and the overall climate of your business.

How to deal with ego clashes

Even if employees have their egos in check, clashes can still occur. In this case, you should discuss the issue calmly with both parties on their own. Only then can you bring them together to discuss a resolution, providing a non-partisan presence so as not to inflame the situation further. This is a vital reason to develop leadership skills at work, in order to handle these delicate situations.

Untamed egos in the workplace can be extremely challenging and require you to improve your leadership skills in order to manage these difficult personality types. If people are unable to see that their own opinions are not always right, this can cause growing issues. To find out more about how different personalities can impact the workplace and how developing leadership skills can help with this, get in touch with Shooksvensen to see how we could support you.

Leadership Development

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