Rewiring Workplaces: Let’s talk about Toxic Bosses – recording

In this webinar, Lori hosted a panel of guests, all of whom have suffered from a toxic boss in the past.

These four guests shared their experiences, the personal impact of that boss, the long-term effects, and the learning they gleaned from that experience.  

Listen to the conversation to:

  • understand the real impact of these bosses
  • learn why it is important to remove these types of people from your organisation or at least from people leadership roles
  • normalise your own experience
  • learn how to survive a toxic boss

The guests

Note that these are current positions which are not the places where they experienced a toxic boss

Birgit Noel, Learning partner North and Latin America at Siemens Healthineers, Georgia, USA

Daniel Lawrence, part-time Director, Marine Operations and Training Director, at Saab, Inc., Washington DC, USA

Lillan Baruch, Coach at The Gift of Experience, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ronan Le Poupon, coach, facilitator and trainer at Council of the European Union, Brussels, Belgium

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