Celebrate and rejuvenate

We have almost made it! We are in the final stretch of this crazy year. We just need that little bit more resilience, a little more focus, attention and tolerance. A little more grit to get to the end.

But we are tired, worn out, fed up with the pandemic and increasing cases and wondering about the vaccine – it’s efficacy numbers and will enough people be willing to take it so it can wipe out this beast of a bug?

We need time out.

Please take a break over the last part of the year – as much as you can.

Let your body and brain recover.

And spend some time with gratitude.

Practising gratitude counters stress in the body. It changes your brain and strongly supports mental wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing. It is absolutely worth taking the time to recognise all that we have to be grateful for.

Despite the madness, there is a lot to appreciate. Think of all those tireless front-line workers, dealing with beds full of intensive care patients. Think of our many delivery people who have managed to stay well throughout this year and keep bringing us our much-needed supplies.

Think about the people who do wear masks and keep others safe. Consider your family and friends who have connected with you, even if it is by video.

Think of your own health. If you have survived COVID-19, you can be grateful that you made it through. And if you have not had it, be very grateful for that.

We can all be grateful for what we do have: our health, family, friends, colleagues, possessions, income.

So, find as many things as possible to be grateful for every day. Celebrate them. Celebrate yourself for having made it through this year.

And give yourself the gift of rest.

We wish you a joyful, restful, holiday season full of celebration, rejuvenation and gratitude,

The shooksvensen team