A little positivity is like a lighthouse in a storm

In on our blog last week: When stress increases, wellbeing cannot be optional, we described the downward spiral that stress creates and how that leads to even more stress and ultimately conflict between teammates.

We emphasized wellbeing but here is another simple thing you can do to lift yourself and others, in the midst of the swirls of stress and relentless working hours: Take a few moments for some positivity. Acknowledge and appreciate the people around you.

The results can be magical. Positivity releases brain chemicals in both the person who delivers a positive comment as well as to the recipient. It generates dopamine (a feel-good motivator), possibly some serotonin (a mood stabiliser) and maybe even some oxytocin (a joyful uplifter and creator of trust). These chemicals can help counterbalance the flood of stress chemicals that people are currently swimming in.

While you may not “feel like it”, you still have the power to take a risk and give it a try. The effort is small compared to the potential payoffs. You could end up feeling better about yourself and the people you appreciate; they will feel more positive and this can strengthen your relationships. Who knows, you might even make this a habit.

Here is how

Consider your teammates. What do they do well? Are they resilient, steadfast, or tenacious? Are they competent at their work despite the odds against them? What signs of their best strengths are still showing through? Perhaps, their ability to connect with others, to be logical or creative or to bring a smile to someone’s face?

Take your time, find these qualities and just simply mention them this week in a conversation. It might sound as simple as, “thanks for your creativity, it’s hard to keep that up right now, but I appreciate it.”

Try it with all your teammates, your boss, your direct reports, your clients and customers. Then share with your family members, near and far, and your friends. The more you do this, the more you will feel it. Positive practices can chip away as stress and feelings of being down; this in turn will make it more motivating to work with others and life will be just a tad (or maybe a LOT) more enjoyable.