Let’s rethink how we measure success

What if we didn’t think about success as the moment when we reach the goal, get the deal, or the recognition or the prize.

What if we thought of success as a series of steps – each one worthy of a small celebration, or recognition at least.

Imagine celebrating the small steps and wins, like when you:

  • Stay the course when life is hard
  • Are hopeful even in the low moments
  • Are generous while not feeling affluent
  • Manage your reactions in the face of insult
  • Stay focused on your vision, mission or purpose even when others don’t get it yet
  • Are patient when others misunderstand you
  • Learn something from a failure or a tough experience
  • Listen to feedback when you don’t feel like it
  • Gracefully listen to someone who is unfairly blaming you
  • Take a nap when you know you need one
  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Take a risk for the sake of your purpose

These are the reasons that we make it to the flashy finish line that we normally think of as “success”.

Consider celebrating more of them.

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