Rolling out team coaching to the world

Global cloud computing company


The client is a global software development organisation that has been using team coaching for their internal specialist consultants in the U.S. As team coaching has been very successful there, they decided to expand the programme globally. shooksvensen has been brought in to roll out team coaching to similar teams in other countries, with an initial pilot across EMEA.

The project teams are rolling teams of three-five consultants who work with the company’s large client organisations for short periods, to help them create innovative solutions. Each consultant team comes together temporarily for a client project, then moves on to a new team for the next client project.

The problem facing the company was how to roll out this successful small, local pilot across a global organisation. shooksvensen is perfectly placed to provide a smooth solution to this complex problem.

“Shooksvensen is uniquely equipped to scale a common coaching platform while accommodating the cultural sensitivities that make having a global team so valuable.”

Solution provided

With its global network of certified, experienced team coaches, shooksvensen is in an ideal position to provide coaching support to teams around the globe. Ensuring support and supervision for all coaches, a quality assurance programme, and administrative support to ensure smooth running of all coaching, shooksvensen developed a detailed plan to help the company get started with a coaching project of this size and scope.


shooksvensen set up and ran a successful pilot across EMEA. On a resourcing level, the company has saved significant time, money and effort, by outsourcing to one centralised supplier.

“One of the best aspects of working with Shooksvensen is the comfort I feel knowing all of our teams are receiving world class coaching.  These are veteran coaches at the top of their game and our teams have started asking for coaching because of the strong experiences these coaches provided.”

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