Do your leaders inspire and motivate others?

Would you like your leaders to create more trust, loyalty and commitment to excellence throughout the organisation?

Leaders today need to know how to listen and to develop people rather than always having solutions to offer. They need to build strong relationships and learn how to balance holding accountability alongside having compassion for their team members.

In short, they need coaching skills.

Learning to ask and not tell is an important skill, but there is so much more to it than that. Asking instead of problem solving takes a whole new mindset. Coach-like leaders need to have a different attitude – they need to WANT their people to grow. The Rewired to Coach programme is designed to provide your leaders to develop the attitudes they need and the skills that matter for empathic and empowering leadership.

We support your leaders to practise their new coaching skills

We do not just teach your leaders a new set of skills and then leave them to it; we provide them with the tools to implement their new way of leading. We know that practice is essential if they are to create new habits that stick. Your leaders need opportunities to practise their new skills, find different ways to integrate their powerful new skills and they need ongoing support. Our Rewired to Coach programme is structured to deliver all of these.

We also train your leaders in how to implement their new skills: We understand that using their new skills might rock the boat within their teams so we provide tools that will allow them to start new types of conversation and help their colleagues understand what they are trying to do with these new skills. We provide ongoing support and help the leaders stay committed to shifting their leadership style.

Who is this for?

For companies wishing to create a complete culture change, our coach training is also integrated into our Rewired to Lead programmes.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your leaders develop a coach-like leadership style in order to inspire, motivate and develop their employees.

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