Where do they go to reflect on their actions, question their decisions, find breakthrough solutions when they are stuck, celebrate their successes and lick their wounds?

Executive Coaching is a confidential zone where individuals get to take the time to focus on themselves. It offers a safe place to discuss – and learn from – their successes, failures, strengths and challenges.

Our coaches are partners in supporting your executives to make changes, clarify goals and discover aspirations. In many cases, the coaches serve as a sounding board when your executives cannot discuss certain topics with others in the organisation.

We use neuroscience to make coaching practical.

To help your executives understand and fully commit to their coaching process, our coaches use recent findings from neuroscience to help executives understand how they get themselves stuck, how they can get unstuck, how they learn, grow and develop.

At shooksvensen we have highly-experienced coaches with a variety of profiles so we can ensure there is a good fit – a good chemistry – between the coach and the client.

Who is this for?

Our coaches support your executives to have more self-understanding, overcome disempowering self-talk (which is surprisingly common in executives) and find more ease and confidence at work.

Get in touch to find out how our executive coaching can support your executives in their development.

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