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Rewired to Relate is a six-week programme using a mix of learning modes: self-paced online content, small group debriefs and facilitated webinars.

Webinar dates:
Programme launch
: Weds, 10 May, 4-5:30 pm UK time (UTC) – please plan to attend the full 90 minutes of this webinar
Mid-point: Weds, 31 May, 4-5:30pm UK time (UTC) – optional
Completion: Weds, 21 June, 4-5:30pm UK time (UTC+1) – recommended, but optional

This programme is a journey of personal development where you will learn to manage yourself more effectively, reduce stress, improve your working relationships, and increase your ability to collaborate well with others. The neuroscience-based content provides a practical model of human behaviour to help you deepen your understanding of yourself and others around you.

Time commitment
In addition to the webinars, the programme takes about 1-1.5 hours per week to complete.
For example:

  • Interacting with online content, 30 mins/week
  • Practices and applications, 15 mins/week
  • Learning Group meetings,  30-45 mins/week

More details and a graphical overview here