What is Coaches Going Corporate?

Coaches Going Corporate is designed for coaches who are used to working with clients in creative, spontaneous, emotional ways but are unsure how to use these coaching tools with more analytical clients.

We have created a series of free webinars where you can:

  • meet the creator of this programme, Lori Shook
  • get a sample of Coaches Going Corporate
  • learn new coaching skills
  • ask any questions you have
  • learn if Coaches Going Corporate is right for you

I love having access to an online library. This course has helped me relax about coaching people in organisations.

Louann McCurdy
Coach, Canada

The demos are well done and are realistic examples of issues that corporate clients are often faced with.

Nuket Veral
Executive Coach, Belgium

On the Coaches Going Corporate website, you will find lots more information about this programme.

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