CGC4: From resistance to play

This module is about moving your client from a place of resistance to being more open and willing to go with you and perhaps even be playful. It is much easier to coach and learn when the mood is light (happy brains learn better).

If you have built trust with your clients – they know you are not tricking them, they understand why you use the various tools that you use and they can see the benefit – only then will they fully invest themselves into the coaching. From this place, you can be more and more creative. All clients are different. Some will never want to play and some will move to trust or playing rapidly. But with most people, if you meet them in their world, with logical examples and explanations of what you’re doing and why – they are more likely to come along for the ride – and enjoy it!

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  • If someone asked you to do something out of your comfort zone, what would you want to hear from them that would make it safe for you?
  • In your coaching sessions this week, encourage your clients to stretch themselves in new ways using some of the techniques you’ve learnt
  • Consider resistant or reluctant clients you have had in the past: what could you imagine saying or doing that would encourage them to engage with you and your coaching?

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