Coaches Going Corporate

A powerful series of eight neuroscience-based masterclasses designed for coaches moving into the corporate world

by Lori Shook

Coaches Going Corporate is a powerful series of neuroscience-based masterclasses created by Master Certified Coach Lori Shook.

ICF Continuing Coach Education

The course is ICF-accredited and can earn you 10.75 CCE units.

This course is designed for coaches who are used to working with clients in creative, spontaneous, emotional ways but are unsure how to use these coaching tools with more analytical clients.

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What Coaches Going Corporate will give you

The Coaches Going Corporate course will help you to build a bridge so that you can keep your tools, and adapt your approach to successfully do personal development coaching in structured environments and with logical-minded clients.

The course is structured so you can learn around your schedule, combining monthly webinars, streaming-video lessons and in-depth coaching demos, with reflective homework questions and coaching practice exercises to help you stretch, learn and embed new skills. 

You’ll learn the neuroscience behind your coaching tools and what’s happening in your clients’ brains during coaching; how to move easily from your clients’ problems to the internal processes driving their actions; techniques that tap into your clients’ creativity and values; ways to identify and replace unhelpful beliefs and emotional addictions; key elements to build trust and credibility with new clients; and simple methods to get even the most resistant clients to willingly engage with emotional and creative coaching tools.

“This course has given me precision of language to explain why we do what we do as coaches.”

Dorit Noble
Executive Performance Coach and Nia Trainer, UK

“I love having access to an online library. This course has helped me relax about coaching people in organisations.”

Louann McCurdy
Coach, Canada

“The videos are wonderful – it’s like having an expert trainer in your back pocket!”

Cara Diemont
Coach and Strategist, UAE

“The demos are well done and are realistic examples of issues that corporate clients are often faced with.”

Nuket Veral
Executive Coach, Belgium

Coaches Going Corporate contains eight Masterclasses

Through The Door Model

This easy-to-remember model will help you to move from your clients’ external problems to the internal motivators and blocks that drive their actions.

Building Relationships

Learn how to create trust and credibility with your clients from day one, how to push back when clients are in denial, and ways to stay in a relationship during a conflict.

The Neuroscience of Coaching

Understand what is going on in your clients’ brains as they undergo coaching, and use neuroscience to tap into their creativity, counteract stress and create change.

From Resistance to Play

Learn a range of techniques to get even the most resistant of clients to relax and willingly engage in your more creative, emotional or playful approaches.

Working with Values

Take your values coaching to deeper levels by helping your clients understand the impact of their ‘foundation’ values, and learn the neuroscience of how ‘inspirational’ values motivate people.

Framing and Metaphor

Creative techniques to help clients step back from the hard focus and emotional intensity of their problems and tap into their creativity to find new wisdom and insights.

Beliefs and Emotion Addictions

Learn how to identify and work with the beliefs that underpin your clients’ actions. Notice when clients are ‘addicted’ to anger, drama or stress and help them detox these emotional habits.


Learn skills to focus your clients’ attention on their learning, their body and their emotions. Help them become more aware of themselves and more resourceful in how they solve problems.

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